For adults: Talking to kids about sex

Linda Kirkman:

Relationship skills for life

Sex therapy, counselling, professional development, and seminars on relationships and sexuality for all ages.

I consult in Bendigo or on Zoom and will travel for workshops. Sex-positive and diversity-friendly.

Linda can run a workshop for you

For adults: Talking to kids about sex

Suitable for parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone who spends time with young people.

This informal, interactive two-hour workshop will cover:

  • What information is relevant for young children and adolescents 
  • What information will help your children be safe, and encourage teens to make good decisions around sex
  • Useful strategies for dealing with difficult questions
  • How to talk to teens about unrealistic expectations of sexuality and gender norms
  • Ways to reduce your stress in developing an ongoing conversation.

Topics discussed will be relevant for younger children and adolescents, and will cover issues such as where babies come from, names of body parts, keeping safe, puberty, sexual decision-making and contraception.

Venue: to suit you. It could be at a school or in a private home.

Cost: $500 for two hours. If travel is required expenses will be negotiated.


Re: Talking to Kids About Sex workshop

-Good pedagogy

-I learnt things I did not know

-This is important

Re: Teaching

-Knowledgeable, happy and confident

-I love coming to your class

-Funny, kind, thoughtful, smart