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Relationship skills for life

Sex therapy, counselling, professional development, and seminars on relationships and sexuality for all ages.

I consult in Bendigo or on Zoom and will travel for workshops. Sex-positive and diversity-friendly.

An open-minded approach to therapy and education about sexuality and relationships

I am Linda Kirkman PhD, a sexologist; sex therapist, counsellor, sex educator and researcher. I am the current Victorian President of the Society of Australian Sexologists.

About me: Sex therapist, counsellor, sexuality educator

Sexuality has always fascinated me. It is mysterious, hidden, yet always present in popular culture, institutional control, and how we are categorised. I started teaching sexuality to 13-year-olds as part of health education, beginning in 1990, writing the curriculum myself, starting with communication and conflict resolution. Same-sex attraction, bisexuality, transgender experience, and pleasure were included. I wanted to give students the skills and understandings to enable positive sexual identity and experiences.

With an arts degree background, to get health teaching and counselling qualifications I did a graduate diploma in health science. This ultimately led to sex research via a health science masters and a PhD. Work shifted to women’s health promotion and academia. I took in a huge and varied assortment of conferences, workshops, festivals, books, podcasts, and blogs which expanded my knowledge and understanding of the vast diversity that is sexuality, sexual expression, and relationships. My bemusement with the sex, gender, and relationship categories comes from not really identifying with fitting into any of them properly; now I happily identify with the delightfully unspecific term, queer.

Counselling, voluntary and paid, has been part of my life since 1988 when I qualified as a breastfeeding counsellor. Nursing Mothers’ counselling training was excellent; listening microskills, empathy, making suggestions while not giving advice are principles I still use. Secondary student welfare counselling, women’s health counselling, followed by tertiary student welfare support, Lifeline telephone crisis supporter training and volunteering have kept me current, with supervision, and confident I have something to offer. Bringing together counselling and sexuality—becoming a sex therapist—is a logical next step.

My goals of psychosexual therapy are to support people to work on the concern/s they present with, through first assisting them to feel safe, valued, connected and heard. As a sexuality educator I’m inclusive, supportive, evidence-based, and consider the appropriate pedagogy when planning a presentation. Making it fun is part of that.

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Where am I?

I am based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Sex therapy/counselling is is all online until further notice, usually via Zoom. I see clients from all over the world and can be flexible with timezones.

Contact me to make a sex therapy appointment, discuss professional development, or plan a workshop. Use the contact form on this page, email linda@lindakirkman.org or call 0419 402 373.

M: 0419402373 E: linda@lindakirkman.org T: @lindathestar

Relationship skills for life

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