Linda Kirkman:

Relationship skills for life

Sex therapy, counselling, professional development, and seminars on relationships and sexuality for all ages.

I consult in Bendigo or on Zoom and will travel for workshops. Sex-positive and diversity-friendly.

Adult sex education and play

I want my work to make the world a better place.

An aspect of my work that lead to social change has been co-facilitating adult sex education workshops, and co-hosting or providing emotional support at a play party, known as Curiosity.

A component of this is a debrief the day after the party, where people are supported to reflect on their experience, and discuss common themes from their experiences. "Come for the sex, stay for the personal development" is one person's interpretation of the whole process. It can be life-changing in a positive way.

There is an emphasis on understanding and practicing consent and communication skills, alongside broadening an understanding of thepossibilities of sexuality and gender. It can be edgy, yet is enormously fun and playful.

I'm no longer doing this work yet loved it and learnt a lot about human sexual expression and personal development.

The Curiosity team I worked with: Linda, Rog and Tess.

The quote below is from Rog, Director of Curious Creatures

"One of the things I underestimated when Curiosity was established, was the importance of being able to participate in the event on a sustainable and slow basis, over time.

A lot of folks have come back to several parties, and continued to work on their edges. I think this is a much more sustainable and integrated way of going about things compared to having to dive in and get everything done and have all of the experiences in one hit.

For most people, this is just not possible or realistic. Most people need to just come along and observe things for their first Curiosity, then integrate and reflect for a little while; the Sunday Sessions seriously help with this process.

Then, over time, they get increasingly empowered and proactive about what they’re after. It’s a delight and an honour to watch."

Curious Creatures run a wide variety of kink, tantra, sex-positivity, and psychology workshops. The best way to stay informed of upcoming events is to join the Community and Events Newsletter here

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