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Relationship skills for life

Sex therapy, counselling, professional development, and seminars on relationships and sexuality for all ages.

I consult in Bendigo or on Zoom and will travel for workshops. Sex-positive and diversity-friendly.

Linda can run a workshop for you

What skill would you like to develop, or would you like to know more about? Organise a workshop through your organisation, workplace, school or community group. Get your friends together and build connectedness through learning the things you are interested in in the privacy of your own home. Workshop duration can be 90 or 120 minutes as required.

Workshop outlines

For adults on talking to kids about sex

Do you have children in your life, as part of your family, community or work? What are good ways to talk to them about sex, or answer their questions? What is age appropriate?

I present this interactive seminar for people who want to build their comfort levels and skills for talking to kids about sex.

A strengths-based, supportive approach is used, and the specific content will be tailored to the needs of the participants. Come away with answers to your questions, and strategies for answering questions from the kids and young people in your life. A comprehensive resource list will be provided.

I am a sexuality educator and counsellor with over 25 years’ experience in different settings, including schools and women’s health. I advocate for a positive approach to sexuality, gender, and relationships across the lifespan.

Getting better all the time; ageing and intimacy

This two-hour interactive workshop explores all the topics you can imagine, and some you may not, about ageing, attractiveness, forming and sustaining relationships, debunking stereotypes, challenging myths, and strategies for success.

Entering new relationships at midlife

This two-hour interactive workshop is for women who are re-entering the dating scene in midlife. Topics discussed include self-confidence, communication skills, sexuality, sexual health and others as requested. An expectation of respect for the confidentiality of other participants is essential for the success of this workshop.

Other options include: New relationships at midlife; What is safe sex and why does it matter to me?; Unlearning relationship and intimacy patterns; Communications skills for relationships; Pleasure for women; Social media and sexuality; Sexual diversity – what does that mean?; Hen’s night sex conversations – fun and informative; Puberty for girls and their mother/significant adult.


Workshops require a minimum of 6 and maximum of 20 people. Fee is $50 per person, or $500 flat fee (excluding travel).

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Relationship skills for life

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Talking to Kids About Sex workshop

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Getting better all the time

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