Growing Up Human

Linda Kirkman:

Relationship skills for life

Sex therapy, counselling, professional development, and seminars on relationships and sexuality for all ages.

I consult in Bendigo or on Zoom and will travel for workshops. Sex-positive and diversity-friendly.

Growing up human program

This evidence-based program is a game changer; a joint venture born out of the passion of its creators. By equipping individuals with practical skills to increase social and emotional intelligence Growing Up Human is a new take on sex education for young people aged 8-12, and teenagers.

We would love to share with you an exciting, new relationships education project we have developed and are delivering in Bendigo.

Gender and sexuality are implicit in the course, yet this is not like formal sex education. What makes it different is its focus on the culture rather than biology of sex and relationships. We cannot include a lifetime’s worth of content in six sessions, yet we can expand conceptual understandings and develop skills that child and adult can apply to many life contexts.

Who we are:

The program is developed and facilitated by Dr Linda Kirkman, an experienced sex educator and Rose Broadway, an occupational therapist. Our shared passion for positive sexuality has fuelled our collaboration. For more information about Rose and her professional ventures please visit:

Aim of the program:

We aim to provide a forum which enhances the safety and wellbeing of children in relationships with themselves and others. Through facilitation of constructive ways to interact with their internal and external world we aim to empower participants with positive self-perception and strategies to enrich their relationships with peers, family and partners.

Join us if you are, or have, a child aged 8-12, or a teenager

Children aged 8-12 are at a developmental stage where they are open to a new understanding of their inner and outer worlds. What they learn at this stage influences how they navigate adult relationships. Young people are to bring their significant adult (parent, carer, other).

Teenagers are at a time of their lives when they are developing independence and relationships with the significant adults in their lives are changing. Growing Up Human is an opportunity to establish lines of communication that meet changing needs, to help build trust and understanding for future needs.

Single session option

We offer a single, three-hour workshop that starts the Growing Up Human process, as well as the longer, more in-depth version.

Most young people want to be able to speak to their parents, or a trusted close adult, about sexuality and relationships. In Growing Up Human we create a safe space to build communication skills and common understandings between the adults and young people to make these conversations easier, and start a process that can be responsive to individual needs over time.

What happens?

In this three-hour workshop we explore concepts, attitudes and practical skills. The young person and their significant adult build communication skills together in order to support current and future conversations. We investigate assumptions around sexuality and gender in an environment of respect, kindness and support, using a mix of whole group, pair, and small group activities. There is also a question and answer time where you can anonymously ask your burning questions about sex stuff. We give you a comprehensive resource list to take home.

Each session is $100 per child/adult dyad


For more information or to be put on our mailing list E: P.: Rose - 0419 483 150  Linda – 0419 402 373