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A new approach to sexuality and relationship education

Linda Kirkman: Relationship skills for life takes a proactive, communication and pleasure-focused approach to relationships and sexuality.


I offer counselling, workshops, teaching and professional development about all aspects of sexuality, sexual health and relationships across the life span. I am available for professional research and writing.

Latest workshop

Growing Up Human single session workshop

Most young people want to be able to speak to their parents, or a trusted close adult, about sexuality and relationships. These conversations are not always easy, and have been described as “Like talking to a tiger”. Would you, as the parent or significant adult in a young person’s life, like to be an effective, supportive resource for them as they negotiate relationships, sexuality and gender? In Growing Up Human Linda and Rose create a safe space to build communication skills and common understandings between the adults and young people to make these conversations easier, and start a process that can be responsive to individual needs over time.

What happens?

In this three-hour introductory workshop we explore concepts, attitudes and practical skills. The young person and their significant adult build communication skills together in order to support current and future conversations. We investigate assumptions around sexuality and gender in an environment of respect, kindness and support, using a mix of whole group, pair, and small group activities. There is also a question and answer time where you can anonymously ask your burning questions about sex stuff. We give you a comprehensive resource list to take home.

For more information or to book a workshop please contact Linda on 0419 402 373.


Re: QM2015 presentation


- Great presentation

- My favourite presentation so far!


Re: Nerd Nite Melbourne


-Your presentation helped me learn so much about a different dimension of relationship that was previously unfamiliar to me, and the importance of communication in managing it (and all dimensions of relationships). It was such a pleasure working with you, Linda.


Re: It gets better all the time workshop


-Liked best: The safe environment Linda created to talk honestly without reservation.


Re: Talking to Kids About Sex workshop


-Good pedagogy

-I learnt things I did not know

-This is important


Re: Teaching


-Knowledgeable, happy and confident

-I love coming to your class

-Funny, kind, thoughtful, smart




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