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Relationship skills for life


Counselling, professional development, workshops and seminars on relationships and sexuality across the life span

An open-minded approach to sexuality and relationships counselling and education


Re: Counselling


Linda listens without judgement and holds a safe space for me.


Re: Nerd Nite Melbourne


Your presentation helped me learn so much about a different dimension of relationship that was previously unfamiliar to me, and the importance of communication in managing it (and all dimensions of relationships). It was such a pleasure working with you, Linda.


Re: Getting better all the time workshop


Liked best: The safe environment Linda created to talk honestly without reservation.


Re: Talking to Kids About Sex workshop


Good pedagogy

I learnt things I did not know

This is important


Re: Teaching



Knowledgeable, happy and confident

I love coming to your class

Funny, kind, thoughtful, smart



Dr Linda Kirkman PhD is a sexologist, counsellor and sex educator. She has a background in education and public health, and broad experience in public speaking, lecturing, writing and

counselling as well as delivering workshops and seminars.


About Linda

Linda believes that positive relationships and a healthy, happy sexuality are important for everyone’s wellbeing. Linda takes a sex-positive and diversity-friendly approach. She has been a counsellor for over 25 years in a range of settings. She has taught in secondary school, at university, and run workshop groups and seminars for people aged from 9 to 70. She has been developing curricula and teaching about sexuality and sexual health since 1990, and has conducted research into relationships, sexuality and sexual health at Masters and PhD level. Go here for copies of Linda's publications and conference presentations.


What is a sexologist?

Sexology means the multidisciplinary scientific study of human sexuality in all its diversity, including human sexual interests, meanings, behaviours and relationships. As a sexologist Linda's approach includes the biopsychosocial aspects of sexual health, and she keeps up to date with research from educational, sociological, medical and historical aspects of sexuality.


Where is Linda?

Linda is based in Bendigo, Australia. She can travel to deliver lectures, seminars or workshops. Counselling is based in Bendigo although Skype or telephone sessions are available.


Linda is a proud member of the innovative co-working space, the Synergize Hub.


Contact Linda to discuss professional development, a workshop or to make a counselling appointment. Use the contact form on this page, email linda@lindakirkman.org

or call 0419 402 373.



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Relationship skills for life

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